Premium course sharing, built for small private colleges.

Affordable course sharing that prioritizes student outcomes, designed exclusively for small private colleges.

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Rize courses are trusted by 85+ colleges in 30+ states

Flex Courses are individual, shared courses that you can access for additional capacity and flexibility where you need it most.

Each course is designed by a team of instructional designers and delivered by an LCMC college. Courses are iterated annually in partnership with faculty and industry experts.

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Step 1

Select individual courses where you need staffing support or additional capacity

Step 2

Rize’s Academic Partnerships team provide syllabi and develop a custom solution for you

Step 3

Offer fully approved courses as your own

Rapidly launch courses that prioritize student outcomes

What students are saying

“One of the best classes I’ve taken in the past three years. You can experience a real work environment and assignments.”
Sophomore, Regis College
“The skills I was taught will be with me throughout my entire professional career.”
Junior, Concordia St. Paul
“This class has been amazing, the assignments have been great, and Dr. Richards has been the absolute best”
Junior, Centenary University
“This class is by far the best and most innovative course I have taken!”
Senior, University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy 
Rate Rize courses “as good or better” than their in-person classes
Rate their Rize courses a 10/10
rize Benefits

The next generation of course sharing

Consistency: While the traditional course sharing model relies on multiple learning management systems, academic calendars, and assessment frameworks, Rize streamlines the course sharing experience and brings a new level of consistency, ensuring high standards for students and seamless management for administrators.
Visibility: Rize works with teaching institutions to provide reports to colleges every 4 weeks that measure student engagement and learning outcome reports at the end of each semester that assess student mastery.

Affordability: Other course sharing providers charge ~$750 per student and quickly become prohibitively expensive. We’ve priced our average course to be in-line with the cost of an adjunct instructor to maximize affordability for institutions. View our pricing


Keeping classes affordable, for any number of students. Flex Courses have two pricing components - 1) a section fee of $2,500, and 2) a student fee $150 per student:
Rize Flex Course
Traditional Course Sharing1
Savings with Rize
$3,250 = $2,500 + ($150 x 5)
1: Assumes average course sharing price of $750 per student.
Discounted pricing shown above is available through November 15th
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