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What to know when evaluating your options for online program development

Marketing to Prospective Students

Charlie Anastasi
December 18, 2021
4 min read

A recent Tallo study reminded us that academic programs, which serve as a key driver of a student's future job prospects, are the #1 reason students choose a particular college. Promoting the appeal of  academic programs is certainly not new, but there is a growing expectation to share the value of each program.  For this reason, it is important for colleges and universities to leverage enrollment marketing services.

At a high level, enrollment marketing services are a combination of content and strategies that help institutions market academic programs to prospective students. The goal of those strategies is to drive more applications and campus tours that will lead to increased enrollment.

Content Kits

Content kits provide colleges with a series of ready-to-use infographics, images, videos and more that can be utilized across marketing channels.

Example components of an infographic

Other Enrollment Marketing Activities

Beyond content kits, schools may leverage enrollment marketing materials to help them effectively market programs to prospective students.

  • Branded Landing Pages: Landing pages are built to capture contact information and intended programs of study from prospective students. Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons lead to application starts, campus tour booking pages and other preferred on-site destinations.
  • Program-Specific Landing Pages: Program-specific landing pages provide more information on the programs for prospective students to consider.
  • Branded Flyers: A physical flyer outlines new programs available at your school. Branded flyers may be utilized at open houses, by coaches during recruiting visits, and more.

Example of a Rize Education branded flyer

Enrollment marketing is an important part of any school’s enrollment and retention strategy, reach out to Rize Education to learn more about how you can leverage our Enrollment Marketing Service.

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