Launching Hybrid AI Degree Programs for Small Colleges

Innovate your campus with hybrid, market-responsive degrees

Quickly add career-ready undergraduate programs directly into your existing course catalog with enrollment marketing support, student success monitoring and industry collaboration.


Program sharing designed for 21st century colleges

Grow your revenue: Build a variety of undergraduate programs for a fraction of the traditional cost and risk to raise ROI and improve your bottom line.

Boost enrollment and retention: Rize provides the marketing resources you need to enhance student recruitment and ensure student success.

Easy and fast integration: Prepare your students to thrive in the fastest-growing fields with programs that integrate directly into your catalog within 6 months or less.

Enhance student experiences: 80% of students rate their Rize courses “as good or better” than their in-person courses.

Academic Programs

With Rize, you can start any or all of these undergraduate programs as new majors, minors or certification programs in as quickly as one semester.

What Our Partners Have to Say

"Their team not only provides the data we need to make strong program offering decisions, but also the support we need once these programs are implemented to ensure our students are successful. [With Rize], we can maintain the strong level of engagement that we do with our face-to-face students."
Dr. Kristi Ringen
Dean of Business, Holy Family University
"I’m really pleased with the quality; they’re not just throwing online classes up there but they are putting in the support and integrity that holds up to Belhaven’s standards."
Dr. Roger Parrot
President of Belhaven University
"It is not like a typical online training class… instead I have a one-on-one contact with the professor delivering the courses, so I’ve got a very high degree of confidence both about the quality of material and the instructors that are delivering it."
Bjarne Berg
Professor and Program Director,
Lenoir-Rhyne University
"If we were to have attempted to launch a program like this on our own, in Cybersecurity, I would say a minimum of 2-3 years… and [Rize] allowed us to do this instantly."
Pamela Buchanan-Miller
Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Mobile
ensuring Partner Success

Growing together.

Our partners in the LCMC have implemented hundreds of unique, fully-accredited majors, minors and certificates that lead to great jobs.
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