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Grow your revenue: Build a variety of enrollment-driving undergraduate programs - without the immense upfront cost and risk.

Boost enrollment and retention: Beyond unlocking new distinctive programs, Rize provides the marketing resources you need to enhance student recruitment and retention.

Add programs your students want: Prepare your students to thrive in the fastest-growing fields with career-ready programs that integrate directly into your catalog.
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With Rize, you can start any or all of these undergraduate programs as new majors, minors or certification programs in as quickly as one semester.
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Our partners in the LCMC have implemented hundreds of unique, fully-accredited majors, minors and certificates that lead to great jobs.
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What students are saying

5 Star rating

Webflow is a great piece of software.

“Throughout the class time in Rize, the teacher is going over exactly what we need to do… he gave us the freedom to think creatively, to do our own project and it helped us do what he was teaching us to do on our own.

Cole B.

Walsh University
5 Star rating

Webflow is a great piece of software.

“Class experience is amazing!”

Mary D.

Mary Baldwin University
5 Star rating

Student testimonial about flexibility

“Rize has given me an opportunity to add something to my degree. Something that I wanted to find at my school but wasn’t there.”

Chisunta C.

Albertus Magnus College
5 Star rating

This course positioned me for success!

"One of the things I liked about this class was getting to meet new people from different colleges and getting to hear new experiences and opinions"

Kara B.

Lasell University
5 Star rating

Webflow is a great piece of software.

“My experience with Rize classes has been extremely positive. I think they’re really well structured, and the professors really care as well - they’re really out there to help you”

Daniel W.

Lasell University

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