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New: MBA Specializations Now Available

Charlie Anastasi
June 4, 2024
4 mins

We are thrilled to announce the launch of five new Master of Business Administration (MBA) specializations at Rize. The new specializations include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics, Cybersecurity, Finance, and Healthcare Administration. 

All five concentrations will be available to partners at one flat subscription fee, allowing you to quickly and affordably supercharge and differentiate your MBA program with a package of high-demand, high-skill offerings.

Addressing the Needs of Growth Conscious Colleges

Many of our partner institutions are leveraging graduate programs as a strategic way to bolster enrollment in a challenging undergraduate market and the MBA remains a cornerstone of a graduate program portfolio. However, a recent survey from AACSB indicated that 61% of business school deans face declining enrollments, 53% need to better differentiate their programs, and 40% want to enhance the job-ready skills their programs offer.

Launching new, in-demand programs addresses each of these concerns, but cost, staffing, time and risk can create inertia while enrollments slowly wane. 

Our new MBA offering is built to address these exact challenges. By integrating new specializations into your MBA offerings, you will provide students with relevant, market-driven skills that set your program apart. This will grow enrollment and enhance the career readiness of your graduates.

We intentionally focused on a “bundled” approach to allow partners to use Rize flexibly within your MBA. Rather than selecting one or two programs, partners can seamlessly expand the catalog or revitalize existing concentrations. We will collaborate on driving enrollment into specific concentrations, but our primary focus will be on growing total MBA enrollments by making your core degree more attractive to a wide audience.

Over time, the bundle will dynamically adjust to new market needs, giving you the flexibility and agility to stay on the cutting edge of new offerings and labor market needs.

To develop these specializations, Rize Education collaborated with an impressive group of faculty from Harvard Business School, Cornell, Dartmouth, and the University of Texas at Austin. As always, the power of consortium-based learning allows students to benefit from the expertise of a wider group of subject matter experts while maintaining the academic core and personalized support of your institution.

Getting Started with Launching MBA Specializations

The first courses will launch in Fall 2025, and curriculum documentation will be ready for review and faculty governance processes this summer.

Getting started sooner will provide your enrollment teams with more time to build awareness and recruit new students. 

To learn more, request a discovery call and your dedicated Rize partnership lead will follow-up.

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