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Strategic Support for Program Success: The Academic Evaluation Report

Dylan Fogarty
July 3, 2024
4 mins

In an increasingly competitive enrollment landscape, offering high-quality academic programs that are aligned with student and employer demand is paramount. At Rize, we're dedicated to providing a pathway to fulfilling employment while delivering exceptional student experiences with academically rigorous programs. To meet those goals, we collect feedback throughout the semester from students, instructors, academic experts, and industry leaders. Sharing the insights gained with our partner institutions is critical for transparency and campus alignment. 

That’s why we developed the Academic Evaluation Report—a strategic tool designed to provide visibility into our continuous program enhancements and superior quality assurance with an added bonus of streamlining the accreditation process. Partner feedback on the report has been unanimously positive:

"This is ideally what every school could be able to produce about it's own learning outcomes ... this will just be game, set, match for assessment, from a Middle States lens."

When you partner with Rize, you're not just enrolling students in courses; you're empowering them with cutting-edge curriculum that elevate their degrees' value. Our report offers a comprehensive analysis of your academic programs powered by Rize, using data-driven insights to highlight successes and identify opportunities for enhancement. Here’s a brief overview of how Rize evaluates programs and shares the insights with partner institutions

Program Evaluations: A Data-Driven Approach

Our approach to program evaluations is multifaceted, ensuring that shared programs consistently meet the evolving standards of educational excellence through a three-phase process:

  1. Evaluate: Our evaluations occur mid-semester and at the semester's end, allowing for timely adjustments and comprehensive feedback analysis. This phase includes assessing student and instructor feedback to gauge course content and engagement levels effectively.
  2. Review: Curriculum Committees, composed of both academic and industry experts, ensure our curriculum remains fresh and career-relevant. These committees regularly update course content and assessments, reflecting the latest market expectations. Partner feedback is also integral here, helping us tailor programs to meet unique student needs.
  3. Adapt: We regularly adapt curricula to meet changing industry needs, ensuring our courses remain cutting-edge. This flexibility is crucial in rapidly evolving fields, allowing us to update content regularly and responsively.

Program evaluations are critical to creating great courses and consistently enhancing them. In addition, we believe Partner Review is vital—it allows for a collaborative approach to program management, ensuring that the programs serve both student interests and those of our partners to the maximum potential. This begins with an Academic Evaluation Report. 

Academic Evaluation Report: Insights That Drive Change

The depth and clarity of insights highlighted in the Academic Evaluation Report have facilitated a productive dialogue on program enhancements. Here's a snapshot of the actionable data our partners receive in their report:

Student Recommendation: Analysis of student recommendations provides a direct measure of satisfaction. Students are asked how likely they are to recommend courses powered by Rize on a scale of 0 to 10. Last year, more than 80% of students rated their likelihood to recommend Rize courses positively, indicating strong satisfaction. More than 30% of students (or 1228 out of 4022 student evaluations) reported a likelihood to recommend their course as a perfect 10 out of 10.

Academic Rigor Assessment: We continually assess the perceived workload and challenge of the courses, ensuring they are rigorous yet manageable. About 88% of students surveyed felt the workload was comparable or harder than other courses.

Student Success: We track pass rates and other success metrics closely, with last year’s average pass rate across all programs at 88%, showcasing our programs' effectiveness. This helps measure the strength of our comprehensive student support.

Online Student Demand: Our evaluations also gauge student preferences for online learning, crucial for planning flexible education formats. 95% of students said they want at least 1 online course per semester because it helps with their flexibility and ability to manage their in-person work better.

Instructor Performance Review

Instructors are at the heart of our educational offerings. We help our teaching institutions measure their success in fostering engaging and rewarding learning environments through detailed performance metrics, including student satisfaction rates and pedagogical effectiveness.

For example, last year, 100 unique instructors supported 268 consortium sections. 94% of instructors would recommend teaching with Rize to another instructor while 91% of instructors felt like the course materials prepared students to master the learning outcomes. 

Improvement through Review

Our final report section offers a comprehensive overview of program performance across the consortium, detailing everything from pass rates to instructor effectiveness. This section is enhanced by insights from our curriculum committee, which includes proposed curriculum changes based on extensive reviews of outcomes and feedback.

Our trusted partners receive not only this comprehensive report but also access to raw course evaluations for deeper insights. With Rize, you gain a dedicated ally in enhancing educational programs through meticulous evaluation and continuous improvement, which can be challenging and prohibitively expensive to replicate internally.

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