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Rize Release Notes: April 2024

Megan McCorkle
April 2, 2024
3 mins

Welcome to our second edition of Rize Releases 📚

This month we’re highlighting the newest features, updates, and enhancements that our team has developed to engage your students, empower your on-campus advisors, and optimize the administrative processes to further support your campus.

Administrative Optimizations

Custom Course Codes

This one goes out to our friends in the Registrar's office. Partner colleges now have the ability to add and edit their own course codes that are mapped to Rize courses. We created this feature to make working with Rize even easier and more scalable for our partners.

Now, you can add your unique course codes on your “My Classes” page, and we will add them into your reports for easy uploading into your system of record. This has already saved early users hours of time in manual data matching and has reduced errors due to mismatched or missing course codes. Giving you the ability to enter and adjust your codes ensures they’re accurate and up to date, so that you can have confidence in the reliability of any reports and integrations you have set up. 

This feature is available now for all partners. Note that only users who have “academic” or “admin” roles as assigned by their institution will have access to edit course code values. Other roles will see the code but cannot edit it. 

Rize Platform: Unique Course Codes

Academic Innovations

Climate Tech

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of our newest program: Climate Tech!

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues facing humanity. In recent years, a green jobs sector has emerged, in which employees apply their particular skill sets to solving climate problems, such as expanding renewable energy technologies and promoting sustainable business practices. There is growing employer demand for Business, Tech, and Engineering professionals in the Climate Tech space – so we’ve designed this program to complement these base majors.

Climate companies are mission-driven, and students who wish to work in climate and sustainability must be able to articulate a deep understanding of the climate crisis and their personal motivations for climate work. This program is designed as a four-course sequence focusing on climate issues and the business and tech landscape surrounding them. Students will acquire highly transferable skills to prepare for work in the fast-paced, ever-changing climate space.

Courses for Climate Tech will begin Fall 2025, but you can kick start the approval process on your campus now. Climate Tech is the third new program we’ve announced in recent months in addition to AI Literacy and Applied AI.

Contact your Partner Success Lead or schedule a call to learn more about these new programs.

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