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Grow enrollment with high-demand subjects at an affordable price.

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Grow Enrollment

Every year, small independent colleges lose students because they don’t offer their desired major. Rize allows colleges to recruit more prospective students with the fastest-growing fields.

Enhance Student Experience

Optional live sections promote high engagement and a full-time instructional design team evaluates & improves every course annually. In surveys, students report preferring Rize courses to even their on-campus courses.

Improve Career Outcomes

Rize courses are designed with a focus on career relevance, often in collaboration with a corporate partner. Courses include guest speakers from industry, information on potential jobs and portfolio-building projects.

Retain Students

Students often transfer to pursue a more specialized degree or drop out if they don’t see enough value in their future degree. Rize programs help partners offer more breadth and expand potential career pathways.

While many new programs struggle to break even, our average program produces a positive ROI in just its first year

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