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Dual-Degree with University of North Dakota
$95k average salary
1.8 million U.S. jobs
Add an Engineering dual-degree program to attract career-focused students

This dual-degree program is offered to LCMC institutions in partnership with the University of North Dakota. UND is consistently recognized as a Top 10 online Engineering institution and offers ABET-accredited degrees in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and more.

Students typically take 60+ credits through UND over 5 years, often including a summer residency component. Students graduate with a B.S. in Engineering from UND and a Bachelor's degree from their home campus. This program appeals to students interested in the co-curriculars and community of a small college, plus an engineering degree from a highly-ranked, large institution.

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Engineers are always in-demand.
Salaries & job openings are growing.
Students want in.

Top 10
Offered through a top Online Engineering provider
Average annual salary for engineers
New engineering jobs to be added in the U.S. by 2030

Engineering program options

Students attend on-campus courses at your institution to earn their four-year degree while simultaneously taking courses online from the University of North Dakota to earn one of the offered engineering degrees. They can complete two degrees in four or five years by sharing their credits between the two institutions. Students choose one of several nationally ranked engineering programs while earning a degree at the small private campus they know and love.

Nationally ranked Engineering programs
Biomedical Engineering
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Create the next generation of medical devices by bridging the gap between engineering and medicine. From amazing medical technology featured in sci-fi movies, to the futuristic-like devices in today's most advanced hospitals, you'll fuse engineering with creativity to imagine tomorrow's innovations.

Chemical Engineering
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In UND's chemical engineering undergraduate program, you will learn the fundamentals of the physical sciences, math and chemical engineering and how to apply them to benefit society. You'll also participate in a hands-on lab sequence that relates course content to real-world applications where you will design, conduct and analyze your own experiments.

Civil Engineering
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With UND's Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, you'll weave teamwork, problem solving and design exercises together. You will gain the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to the field of civil engineering, conduct experiments to prove or disprove engineering theories or designs, gain expertise with computer software and other innovative engineering technologies, develop critical thinking skills needed to excel in a changing workplace, and participate in undergraduate research opportunities.

Electrical Engineering
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With UND's electrical engineering degree, you'll benefit from a curriculum that provides a strong foundation in traditional and contemporary areas of electrical engineering. You will have opportunities to get the hands-on experience that will develop your ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical engineering problems, learn leadership, communication, multidisciplinary teamwork, and other lifelong learning skills necessary for success in a global marketplace, and gain the problem-solving capabilities and technical skills to practice electrical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering
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Gain hands-on experience from the first courses you take in the University of North Dakota's Mechanical Engineering bachelor's degree program. You'll take four science courses with labs during your first two years. You'll also build a component or design a system in at least one engineering class every year. All your classes will emphasize teamwork and collaborative problem solving, mandatory skills in today's engineering workplace.

Petroleum Engineering
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We provide students with the problem solving skills needed to be leaders in this rapidly growing field. You will gain practical, hands-on experience opportunity to design, conduct and analyze your own experimentmuch lik you will in realworld settings. You'll have the opportunity to join the student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Our chapter is actively involved in inviting industry professionals to present short courses and workshops and to talk about future careers in this profession.

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Students give these courses rave reviews

“The projects we had to do were very motivating… It sparked interest in me, got the light going in my brain - I loved doing the projects!”
Cole B.
Walsh University
“Rize has given me an opportunity to add something to my degree. Something that I wanted to find at my school but wasn’t there.”
Chisunta C.
Albertus Magnus College
“Class experience is amazing!”
Mary D.
Mary Baldwin University
“It’s helped me know what I want to do in my career because of how immersive the assignments are.”
Jacob J.
Lasell University
“Even though everything was online… it still felt like the same kind of small classroom that I really enjoy, and that’s why I chose my college - so I kinda got that same experience even thru the computer.”
Summer R.
Lasell University
"One of the things I liked about [it] was getting to meet new people from different colleges and getting to hear new experiences and opinions."
Kara B.
Lasell University

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