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Public Relations

Attract new students with a career-focused Public Relations degree

Join the growing consortium of innovative institutions that are offering Public Relations to meet the growing demand in this field. In addition to working in Public Relations, graduates of this program will have a strong background in strategic communications, making them ideal fits for roles in marketing, sales, and branding.

To continue improving this program's relevance to the Public Relations industry, we’re adding two certifications from Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA): the CEPR and APR, over the next academic year. Adding this 4 course series will only increase the breadth of rigorous academic options and career opportunities for your students.

Public Relations related job postings in the last year
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of US institutions offering this innovative major

What makes the Rize Public Relations program attractive to prospective students?

CFP Real World Projects
Flexible Schedules CFP Rize Education
Build Financial CFP Rize Education

Real-World Courses Taught by Qualified Professional & Academic Experts in the Public Administration Field

Each Rize program has a dedicated curriculum committee comprised of faculty & industry experts in the program's subject area.

These experts understand the needs of hiring managers in related industries to ensure courses are current and professionally relevant.

Rize programs leverage the courses you already have:

Our Academic Partners will work directly with you to build a unique program leveraging and integrating courses you already have in your catalog.
A potential Public Relations major could look like this:
Example courses from your institution
Intro to Communications
Intro to Media Studies
Persuasive Writing
Intercultural Communications
Research Methods
Public Speaking
Courses from Rize
Strategic Public Relations
Public Relations Tactics
Crisis Communications
Strategic Communications Capstone
Courses and curriculum

Public Relations course descriptions

You can launch this Public Relations program by adding 4 Rize courses to your existing catalog, enabling you to market a Public Relations degree to prospective students in as little as one semester. Expand below to read the course descriptions.

SCP I - Strategic Public Relations

Modern companies are increasingly focused on their public image and brand. This has created a significant demand for employees with an understanding of how to message complex issues to a wide audience. This course will introduce you to Public Relations theory and how business and communication strategies are interrelated. For the final project, you’ll take on the role of communications director and create a holistic strategic PR plan. This online class has optional live sessions.

SCP II - Public Relations Tactics

This course provides students with a range of Strategic Communications and Public Relations tactics that they can deploy to create effective, targeted messaging. The primary focus will be on translating principles and theory to applicable actions. This online class has optional live sessions.

SCP III - Crisis Communications

As companies are increasingly taken to task for their errors, the ability to successfully respond to a crisis can mean the difference between weathering a storm or facing collapse. In this course, you will learn how to develop and execute crisis communications strategies for the private and public sectors. By the end of the course, you will be able to help an organization respond confidently and effectively to a wide range of problems. This online class has optional live sessions.

SCP IV - Strategic Communications Capstone

This course serves as a capstone to the Strategic Communications and Public Relations Major. It primarily consists of a semester-length communication research project that students will use to synthesize and hone the skills developed through the course of their college careers. Students will have the opportunity to present their research and findings to experts within the field and will leave the course with a portfolio project to show prospective employers. This online class has optional live sessions.

Certified Planning is a great career stats

Students love their Rize courses

“The projects we had to do were very motivating… It sparked interest in me, got the light going in my brain - I loved doing the projects!”
Cole B.
Walsh University
“Rize has given me an opportunity to add something to my degree. Something that I wanted to find at my school but wasn’t there.”
Chisunta C.
Albertus Magnus College
“Class experience is amazing!”
Mary D.
Mary Baldwin University
“It’s helped me know what I want to do in my career because of how immersive the assignments are.”
Jacob J.
Lasell University
“Even though everything was online… it still felt like the same kind of small classroom that I really enjoy, and that’s why I chose my college - so I kinda got that same experience even thru the computer.”
Summer R.
Lasell University
"One of the things I liked about [it] was getting to meet new people from different colleges and getting to hear new experiences and opinions."
Kara B.
Lasell University

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