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The top 10 subjects by registration count and more insights from Fall registration results

Charlie Anastasi
September 25, 2023
5 mins

With the Rize drop date in the rearview mirror, we are excited to share a few statistics on the Fall 2023 semester.

Registration Trends Over Time

Rize registrations continue to climb each semester. This fall we have over 3,000 registrations across the LCMC, which represents 72% growth year-over-year. If we zoom out a bit further to Fall 2021, registrations are up 4x.

As an important reminder, Rize and the LCMC cap section sizes to ensure small class sizes. This aggregate growth is increasing the number of course sections rather than the size of those sections.

Growing Quality > Growing Quantity

Growing registrations is a nice trend, but it plays second fiddle to growing the quality of courses over time. The chart below shows the % of students who believe their Rize courses outperforms their expectations for an on-campus course. Our team is laser focused on preserving this trend line for Fall 2023. As I’ve mentioned to many of you, I believe Rize has an unfair advantage when it comes to course quality. We run a relatively narrow and stable catalog of courses, allowing us to continually take the learnings from prior semesters and reinvest back into improvements.

Top 10 Subjects by Registrations

Digging one layer deeper, we visualized the top 10 programs by registrations. Digital Marketing and Computer Science have held the top 2 spots for several semesters while Cybersecurity continues to gain ground as the fastest growing program.

Data Analytics also moved into the Top 10 for the first time, more than doubling year-over-year.

Up Next

Registration counts and student satisfaction are both great output metrics that reflect a healthy and improving system. However, registration counts and student satisfaction don’t provide any insight into the inputs that are driving this continual improvement. One of the things I am most excited about is the analysis being done by our product and operations teams to understand the drivers of success.

Does instructor response time correlate to course completion and satisfaction rates? Does student perception of instructor response time match the actual response time data? Is there a strong correlation between assignment quality scores and overall course scores? Through embedded LMS data, quantitative student/instructor surveys and qualitative student/instructor interviews, we aim to better understand how we can enhance outcomes and experiences for students.

I am personally proud to report and promise that no victory laps are being taken at Rize. We know there are many courses, programs and processes we can and will improve.

We are excited to share our learnings as we continue to build alongside all of you!

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