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Innovative Courses for the 2024 Fall Semester

Megan McCorkle
February 28, 2024
4 mins

You may have read the headlines last week that 45% of college graduates are underemployed. As Rize looks to build a meaningful pathway to employment for every student, we are revamping our programs and course offerings to add even more focus on career exploration and navigation.

Beginning this fall, we are launching 5 new career-focused courses through the consortium that your students can begin registering for today.

Rize is now offering four career navigation courses for students majoring in or interested in careers in Business Analytics, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Digital Marketing. These 200-level courses aim to assist students in achieving fulfilling career outcomes through student-centric learning programs, specifically by helping them:

  • Explore career and salary outcomes
  • Learn the skills they need to navigate the job market
  • Build confidence in their ability to secure an exceptional career after graduation
  • Gain insight into what a career or job in this field looks like day-to-day

AI for Everyone,” our new artificial intelligence course, will also differentiate your students in the labor market with exciting skills. This introductory course is designed for any student, regardless of their major, and does not require any coding experience or a background in AI. Students will learn how to:

  • Identify which types of business problems to solve with AI
  • Master prompt engineering and detect AI-generated output
  • Navigate ethics and privacy concerns

Some of our partners are opting to offer these courses as 'experimental' or 'special topics' for this fall. This strategy is to test the new learning materials and innovative teaching methods before seeking permanent approval.

Here are the next steps:

If you're already a Rize partner,

  1. Offer these course to your students as an experimental or special topics course.
  2. Add the courses to your student registration platform for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.
  3. Register students for these courses this upcoming advising period to take advantage of our discounted pricing. It's already available on your platform!

If you're looking to work with Rize for the first time, book time with our team to learn more about preparing your students to thrive in the fastest-growing fields with programs that integrate directly into your catalog within 6 months or less.


If you have any questions or would like more information on our new career navigation courses or AI pathways programs, Applied AI and AI Literacy, please contact your Partner Success Lead or schedule a call to learn more if your don't already partner with Rize.

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