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Rize Release Notes: March 2024

Megan McCorkle
March 6, 2024
3 mins

Welcome to our first edition of Rize Releases 📚

We’re excited to launch this series as a dedicated resource for keeping you informed about the latest advancements in our platform. In each edition, we’ll highlight the newest features, updates, and enhancements that our team has developed to engage your students, empower your on-campus advisors, and optimize the administrative processes to further support your campus.

Administrative Optimizations

New Reports Page

We know that pulling and inputting data is a large part of interacting with Rize, and we want to make Rize fit seamlessly as an extension to partners’ existing workflows. We also want to ensure we can scale together without adding time-consuming work. Reports were previously found in various places across our application, but now they’re easy to discover in one place.

Our new Reports page includes 4 reports that you’ve seen before and 2 new ones. The ones that existed already include Course Details, Grades, Instructor Information, and Student Success/Attendance. The new ones are Course Materials and Invoices.

  • Course Materials: A download of free, paid, or all textbooks required for each course offered. It can be filtered by term or by course if desired. This makes it easier to communicate to students what materials they should expect to purchase and to communicate to the bookstore which textbooks are required.
  • Invoices: A zip file of historical invoices paid to Rize for financial record-keeping.

The Reports page is available now for all partners. Note that not all partner roles will have access to all reports on the page, depending on the permissions assigned by their institution.


Student Support Enhancements

Support Messaging in Canvas

To better support students when they need help, we’ve released a convenient, new support messaging feature in Canvas. Students don’t need to spin their wheels to figure out how to get help. Rather than requiring students to figure out how to ask a question and send an email about it, they can get their answers almost instantly.

The messaging window in Rize Canvas enables students to find quick, support-related answers automatically. For any tech support not answered through the chat, students can connect directly with a Rize student success team member. If a Rize team member is not available, the student can leave a message that will be answered as soon as our student success team is back online. All students now have access to support messaging.

Academic Innovations

Innovative Courses for the Fall semester

We’re excited to announce that our first AI course and career navigation courses are now available for fall registrations! 

As we look to build a meaningful pathway to employment for every student, we are revamping our programs and course offerings to add even more focus on career exploration and navigation.

Rize is offering four career navigation courses for students majoring in or interested in careers in Business Analytics, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and ‎Digital Marketing

AI for Everyone,” our new artificial intelligence course, will also differentiate your student in the labor market with exciting skills. 

Some partners are opting to offer these courses as 'experimental' or 'special topics' for this fall. This strategy is to test the new learning materials and innovative teaching methods before seeking permanent approval.

Contact your Partner Success Lead or schedule a call to learn more about these new courses.

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