Why Every College Needs an AI Program and How to Get Started

The fastest, most affordable way to launch new programs

By taking an innovative approach to consortium-driven course sharing, Rize provides access to undergraduate academic degree programs in fields that attract the most new enrollments. Degrees like Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Supply Chain and more.

Built by integrating a small number of accredited online courses with your current course catalog, they can be launched in as quickly as one semester to:

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Reach untapped new students
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Grow enrollment affordably
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Offer market-responsive degrees
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Improve career outcomes
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Hybrid degree programs to help your institution achieve its financial & educational goals


Financial stability without painful cuts

Rize hybrid degree programs were developed through our work with the Lower Cost Models Consortium as a way to add new revenue and financial stability through collaboration.
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Attract more students: Many students eliminate potential schools if they don't have the majors they want. Add majors quickly to keep your university on more shortlists and getting more applications.
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Built for small colleges: Exclusively designed for small colleges, all courses are offered both live and async and capture the small college student experience through collaboration.

Grow academic programs more affordably

With students increasingly on the lookout for cutting edge degrees in the fields of the future, adding new programs is a huge priority, but doing so affordably is a must.
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High salaries + great job growth: Every Rize degree program is in a field with better than average salaries, and higher than average job growth. These are programs that can help your institution improve overall graduate ROI.
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Share Great Faculty: Faculty in fields like Cybersecurity, Computer Science and IT have become prohibitively expensive. Sharing great instructors from Title IV-eligible, regionally-accredited peer institutions allows you to to offer the programs students desire.

Real-world projects, skills & knowledge

Rize courses go beyond skills to the deeper knowledge hiring managers are looking for.
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Resume Building: Microcredentials, resume friendly certifications & portfolio-building projects help students graduate with a standout CV.
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Detailed Progress Reports: Receive frequent reports and notifications about students’ grades, attendance, and engagement to ensure high levels of success.
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Industry Input: Robust research with Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders and leading academics ensure courses are built for the skills employers demand now, and are updated annually.

Compelling programs, ready-made content & expert guidance

Ready-to-use marketing content, enrollment playbooks and attractive degree programs in growing fields to increase enrollment.
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Tools you need: Comprehensive content kits for each major help jump start your enrollment efforts, letting you start marketing your programs immediately after passage.
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Highly Marketable: Every Rize Pathways degree program is in a field with better than average salaries, and higher than average job growth.
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Industry Partnerships: Create more visibility for your new programs via industry partnerships with Google, Unity Technologies, Ryder, The World Health Organization and more.
...of students rate Rize courses “as good or better than” traditional in-person classes.
Average cost of adding a new major with Rize.
Revenue per program in just the first enrollment cycle.
Why do colleges use rize hybrid degree programs?

Colleges use Rize to add net new enrollments, improve graduate ROI, and remain competitive.

Grow Enrollment & Revenue
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Over 90% of students list "available majors" as an important factor in selecting a college.

By offering the degrees students want, Rize partner schools appeal to those students who want the small college experience, but won't sacrifice their desire for the career they want.

Even better, Rize's unique model is profitable for an institution with just the second enrollment, with additional enrollments dramatically increasing your college's revenue growth from there.

Expand Career-Focused Skills
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Job-ready skills and career preparation lie at the heart of every program we offer, with many featuring certifications that improve job outcomes.

Courses have been built in collaboration with industry leaders like Google, Harry's Razors, and Unity Technologies to teach the skills real-world companies are seeking.

Improve Graduate ROI
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Students and families increasingly evaluate a college based on graduate return-on-investment (ROI). Rize degrees focus on fast-growing industries with higher than average salaries that are the most compelling to new students.

Combined with resume-building coursework and certifications, these degrees help improve career possibilities and outcomes for students.

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Our programs

Academic Programs

With Rize, you can start any or all of these undergraduate programs as new majors, minors or certification programs in as quickly as one semester.

Our courses are built to deliver consistently great student experiences.

“Throughout the class time in Rize, the teacher is going over exactly what we need to do… he gave us the freedom to think creatively, to do our own project and it helped us do what he was teaching us to do on our own.

Cole B.

Walsh University
“Class experience is amazing!”

Mary D.

Mary Baldwin University
“Rize has given me an opportunity to add something to my degree. Something that I wanted to find at my school but wasn’t there.”

Chisunta C.

Albertus Magnus College
"One of the things I liked about this class was getting to meet new people from different colleges and getting to hear new experiences and opinions"

Kara B.

Lasell University
“My experience with Rize classes has been extremely positive. I think they’re really well structured, and the professors really care as well - they’re really out there to help you”

Daniel W.

Lasell University
12 minute prep.
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How does course sharing work? 

Over the last decade, institutions have increasingly turned to course sharing as a solution for unstaffed courses, protecting graduation timelines, offering more course and section options to students, and providing relief for overloaded faculty.
More than 90 percent of leaders surveyed said that they expect traditional-age undergraduates on their campus to take courses in a hybrid format by 2025.
There are multiple ways to tap into shared courses. Our model is powered through a consortium called the Lower Cost Models Consortium (“LCMC”) that is free for colleges to join. Colleges within this consortium can share courses with one another. Perhaps most uniquely, the LCMC allows colleges to offer each course as their own. It appears in your catalog and transcript like any other course, and counts towards your students’ degree in the same way as the courses they take on campus.
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How does course sharing work with Rize? 

Rize is the platform that supports the LCMC and serves as the common connector between colleges so that students and administrators have a seamless, consistent experience.

Our full-time instructional design team ensures that each course meets or exceeds the pedagogical standards of each college in the consortium.

We also partner with faculty and industry experts to keep curriculum up-to-date and relevant for students. 
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Which courses can I offer through Rize?

Rize offers two types of courses through the consortium: Flex Courses and Pathways courses.

Flex Courses are individual courses available across core subject areas such as Math, History, and Business.

Pathways are sets of courses colleges can use to launch high-demand majors and minors that grow enrollment revenue.
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